Sunday, May 23, 2010

Top 25 Most Played Tunes on my iPod

I debated starting at #25, but decided not to.  Too much work, and I'm not mentally prepared for it.  So here they are, the top played, so you can see where my musical tastes lie in comparison to your own.  Hopefully you are as unique as I strive to be.

 1.  Bad Things--Jace Everett, 26 hits
 2.  I Gotta Feeling--Black Eyed Peas, 23 hits
 3.  Athena--The Who, 20 hits
 4.  A Little Less Conversation (JXL Radio Edit Remix)--Elvis Presley, 19 hits
 5.  The Little Things--Danny Elfman, 17 hits
 6.  Handlebars--Flobots, 15 hits
 7.  Are You Jimmy Ray?--Jimmy Ray, 15 hits
 8.  Down with the Sickness (Explicit)--Richard Cheese, 15 hits
 9.  Friend Like Me--Robin Williams, 14 hits
10. Come Home--Back Door Slam, 13 hits
11. What I'm Lookin' For (Ad Version)--Brendan Benson, 13 hits
12. Brown Derby Jump--Cherry Poppin' Daddies,  13 hits
13. Feeling Good--Michael Buble, 13 hits
14. Say Hey (I Love You)--Michael Franti, 13 hits
15. Everything Falls Apart--Dog's Eye View, 12 hits
16. Don't Lie to Me--Dokken, 12 hits
17. Suicide Boulevard--Little River Band, 12 hits
18. Real World--Matchbox Twenty, 12 hits
19. Bedrock Twitch--Rock Roll, 12 hits
20. Cradle of Love--Billy Idol, 11 hits
21. Run-Around--Blues Traveler, 11 hits
22. Jerk it Out--The Ceasars, 11 hits
23. Sisters are Doin' It for Themselves--The Eurythmics, 11 hits
24. Happy Anniversary--Little River Band, 11 hits
25. Vogue--Madonna, 11 hits

How many of these songs do you like?  How many have you never even heard of?  I've got bits and pieces of everything on my iPod.  2,716 songs and growing.  I've even got Barbra Streisand!!  And honestly, I'm surprised Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego isn't up there, that's a favorite, or Eep Op Ork Ah Ah (that means I love you).  I get a lot of my songs from T.V. shows, movies, and commercials.  Half the fun is finding them.  How colorless would life be without music?  How dull and uninteresting.  Life would be no more than bland, chilled food on a paper plate without music to give it warmth and spice.  I love my iPod, my music, and I will continue to belt out tunes while in the shower, or driving my car, no matter how off key voice cracking like Peter Brady I sound.  Life is supposed to be off key, so march to your own drummer, crank whatever music you like, shake your booty and belt it out like the fat lady ending the opera!  You'll feel better if you do! 

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